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Happy Ending Movers has been moving pianos for the last several years, we have moved hundreds of pianos and specialize in moving Apartment, Upright, Baby Grand and Grand Pianos. We take pride in our ability to safely move your piano, whether it be moving within your home or to a whole new location. Our trusted, experienced and friendly piano moving team is able to do any job you require with ease.


Our piano movers are trained on how to properly wrap the piano before relocation. Once the movers arrive on location they will wrap your piano with heavy duty moving blankets and shrink wrap – this might not seem like a hard job but imagine wrapping an upright piano from top to bottom and then proceeding to get it onto our truck! Luckily our experienced movers know how to safely tip and lift the piano while transporting the piano onto our truck liftgate. They will transport your piano from your house to our truck to the new location safely. Once the piano is secured inside our truck we will strap it to our inner walls so there is no chance of it being able to move or fall. Typically for piano moves we send three trained movers to move your piano as it is a lot safer having the three movers, they will then move the piano up or down any stairs with each mover on each side of the piano making sure it does not tip.


Affordability: We offer affordable rates with experienced movers! If you are on a deadline or have a set moving date we will work within your budget. We always send skilled, strong and experienced movers to a job and we never skimp on quality!

Prices: Our prices range anywhere from $300 to $700+ depending on the difficulty and weight – We specialise our prices off of your needs! No two piano moves are ever the same and we take into consideration the type of piano you are looking to move, as well as any internal and external stairs/factors.

Professional: Our highly experienced piano moving team has been trained on how to move each and every single piano, whether it be an apartment piano or a grand piano – they know how to get the job done. With piano moves happening multiple times a week, our trained piano movers know how to work their way through any situation that may be presented to us.

Right Equipment: Our team would suggest never to move a piano by yourself, always ask trained professionals to do it for you. Many people may not realize how difficult and dangerous moving pianos can actually be! Let the trained professionals do the heavy lifting.

Insurance: We offer insurance options for you to choose from! We include a basic level of coverage included in your piano move price as well as a higher level of insurance if you are wanting that extra level of safety.

If you have any questions regarding your piano or the equipment we use please give us a call at 647-807-8004 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have 🙂